4-Unhealthy-Ways-We-Betray-Ourselves-Everyday Dr. Deborah Anderson, Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, Autoimmune Expert, Corvallis, Oregon, www.DrDeborah.com

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4 Unhealthy Ways We Betray Ourselves Everyday
by Dr. Deborah Caldwell Anderson

Betrayal is such a life-crushing event that can leave lasting and painful scars on our hearts and spirits. It leaves us feeling vulnerable, unlovable, abandoned, and broken as we experience the ultimate violation of trust.

It’s especially excruciating when it comes from those in our innermost circle: our partner, our family, and our dearest friends. But what if I told you that there was a kind of betrayal that was even far more painful and lasting than those I’ve described?

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6 Questions Your Doctor Isn’t Asking (Which Might Be Keeping You Sick)
by Dr. Deborah Caldwell Anderson

Traditional doctors ask traditional medical questions. (They’ll ask about your water intake, food choices, exercise habits, and stress level.)

Those questions are helpful and necessary. But a handful of unconventional questions could offer big breakthroughs and contribute to a positive shift in your health and wellbeing.

Your answers to these 6 unconventional questions provide clues as to why your body isn’t working optimally. And, I’ll add that all the women with chronic illnesses who’ve worked with me have at least three or more of these issues. Are you one of them?

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Change Your Health (and Life) in 6 Simple Steps
by Dr. Deborah Caldwell Anderson

What would it feel like to finally have the health you desire? Imagine jumping out of bed every morning, ready to start your day, because you look and feel amazing in your body.

Planning ahead, getting together your team of health care practitioners and accountability partners, and creating a fun, doable plan are some of my “no fail” tricks for achieving the level of wellness you desire. Be mindful that changing your health is one of the most https://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ powerful, spiritual (and potentially difficult) journeys you’ll ever go on. It changes you in such profound ways that wellness and health just ooze out of your being.

Never give up. Life will throw you curve balls, drag you down, and try to knock you out… it’s inevitable. But, through persistence and determination you’ll reap the kind of benefits that’ll give you goosebumps.

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Thinking of Hiring A Health Coach? Ask these 5 Questions First
by Dr. Deborah Caldwell Anderson

One of the trendiest (and newest) professions in the health care market are health and nutrition coaches. They’ve now become affordable, accessible and even available online.

This uptick isn’t surprising. Health coaches can bridge the gap and offer more in-depth support where other health care providers fall short. They can also help you achieve health goals that don’t require medical intervention, such as losing weight, creating better eating habits or establishing a new exercise routine.

As a naturopathic physician who offers holistic health coaching, I have a unique perspective on what’s important when looking for a coach, especially if you have medical concerns or challenging health issues.


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The Hidden Problems of a 30-Day Health Challenge
by Dr. Deborah Caldwell Anderson

Woman are social creatures. We’re drawn to the promised success and social support of challenges but we tend to fail alone — retreating back into our old patterns of negativity and self-deprecating behaviors.

When we can’t complete a challenge (or a goal or resolution) those old tapes in our minds replay… You’re a quitter. You’re a failure. You’re not good enough. I knew you wouldn’t do it. Why can’t you be more like her (you know… the one that actually completed the challenge and whose thighs don’t jiggle like yours).

This keeps us stuck in dangerous patterns of negative thoughts (like shame). It perpetuates behaviors such as self-sabotage, punishment and self-hatred.

This is pure poison when it comes to creating true healing and lasting health.